5 Powerful Tips help you plan your wedding like a professional

Every couple wishes that all the hassles related to wedding planning can be off-loaded to the
capable shoulders of a wedding planner while they and their respective families could focus
on the fun and festivities. This is primarily because of the elaborate wedding rituals and
days-long ceremonies we Indians love to organize. But with budget constraints looming large
over us, it becomes a challenge to add wedding planning to the already expansive list.
Booking the wedding venue, hiring the right photographer, ensure the best Emcee in India
manages the show…the to-do list is indeed endless. Use the following comprehensive list
and ease the pressure of wedding planning so you can enjoy the best time of your life:
1. Create a Checklist: This is the first thing that you should do as you start on your
wedding planning journey. A detailed and comprehensive checklist will tell you what
to plan and how to plan and you can create an excel on your tab or keep a diary the
old-fashioned way.
2. Create a timeline: Your wedding may be 6 months way or you may have an entire
year at your disposal, it is important to create a planning timeline as soon as the
engagement ceremony is done. Create separate columns for separate months and
enter every task that needs to be carried out during that month, leading right up to
the wedding. This way you will know what needs to happen when. This timeline will
also double up as your checklist and will ensure that the planning flows smoothly.
3. Delegate tasks within family and friends: Do not insist on completing the tasks by
yourself as this could lead to many hassles and you could end up missing out on the
fun and enjoyment of your own wedding. Choose responsible friends and family to
assign work to avoid any last-minute panic situations.
4. Go the digital way: Organization has become quite easy given the advent of digital
wedding planning tools which makes things easy and simple. There are many mobile
apps that can help you with your wedding planning activities. Google docs and
sheets will allow you to put your ideas and plans on paper and share them with the
relevant people. Create an email id so you can keep those concerned in the loop.
Create a list of all vendors etc. and share it will those responsible for various tasks.
5. Create a budget…and stick to it: Most Indian weddings start with a pre-fixed
budget but very few are successfully executed within the budget. A spike of even
10% can give you sleepless nights, considering the rise in expenses over the years.
It is easier to carry out the wedding planning process when there is a budget to think
of. In fact, you should factor in a slight surge while calculating your expenses and
arriving at a budget. It is important to divide the expenses wisely and prioritizing right
by focussing on the things that matter the most.
If your wedding dress and jewellery is your priority, then ensure the décor is simple
yet elegant so the budget isn’t stretched beyond sensible limits. If the décor is the priority
then pare down the guest list to accommodate them within the budget you have set.
List down all the possible expenses like venue expenses, catering, photography,
master of ceremony professional fees, etc. Allot a specific budget against the same
and ensure that you spend within those limits.
Hectic schedules, last-minute changes, cancellations and heated arguments are a part of
every wedding planning. The above tips will help you to manage things like a professional
and you will surely be proud of the way you managed things.


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