6 Simple Hacks to keep your voice healthy and smooth

Singers, emcees, corporate trainers…almost all those for whom their voice is a highly valuable asset and an integral asset of their profession, find it quite challenging to protect their voice all through the year. This becomes quite a difficult task especially during peak season which should be around this time.

You could be a professional voice artist or an event anchor in Mumbai and this is indeed a rough time of the year when winter sets in. The way we treat our body and the kind of foods that we eat are responsible for the quality of our voice. It is necessary to avoid dairy products, alcohol, coffee etc. so our voice remains fresh and healthy throughout.
The following six hacks will help you in your quest to retain the perfect voice quality:

Keep yourself hydrated

Alcohol and caffeinated drinks are primarily responsible for drying out our vocal chords. Make sure you drink a full glass of warm water or herbal tea mixed with honey to negate the effects of alcohol or cold beverages. Keep a bottle of water handy and make sure you consume it completely by the end of the day.

Avoid noisy party scenes

At times it does become difficult to avoid parties, especially the office ones. Come in early and leave before the scene gets crowded and noisy. You can network with bosses while everyone is sober, fresh and approachable.

Focus on listening than speaking

While attending any event that is noisy, you could truly hurt your throat by trying to make yourself heard above the noise. On such occasions, learn to listen and get to know the other person’s perspective than talking and spoiling your throat. It will also help you to build better relationships with colleagues and seniors.

Make good use of the microphone

If you are speaking to a group of people exceeding 20, use the microphone to good effect. This will ensure that you do not speak loudly and put a strain on your voice, while helping to put across your point easily.

Stop talking if you are unwell

Your sore throat will get further damaged if you continue speaking without giving it rest. It will hurt physically and could damage your vocal chords on a long-term basis. Listen to music, watch television or simply go to sleep, in fact do anything that does not need you to speak

Get a little exercise

A little movement and simple stretching exercises can do wonders to your voice as it will improve your posture and blood circulation. Do it early morning before the show and show the world that you are indeed the best party host in Mumbai.


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