6 Steps to achieve excellence when you are on stage as an Emcee

Your role as the master of ceremonies (also known as emcee) of any event, is crucial to the success of the programme. You could be at the helm of affairs of an event for your organization, an NGO or the neighborhood association, the responsibility remains the same.
You need to be at your best and ensure that the event is a smooth and engaging experience for the audience as a bad emcee can easily ruin the show. Gaston Dsouza has been a party anchor in Mumbai and a respected corporate trainer for years now and has a huge reservoir of experience.

The following super tips are a result of that wealth of experience:

Opening remarks hold the key to success

The emcee is always the first person to speak at the event so it is important that your remarks are impeccable and designed to grab the audience’s attention. It should match the tone and energy of the event and should be good enough to set the right mood for the occasion. Make sure your voice is warm and clear, the microphone is working perfectly and the opening remarks will make a fabulous impact. Choose the right words to match the theme of the show and the event should be up and running within no time.

Get clarity about your role

Every emcee has to play many roles while he is on stage, he may have to introduce speakers for the day, write speaker remarks or remain on standby so the event does not lose focus. Make sure you discuss your role with the organizer so that you can plan accordingly to meet the events’ challenges and organizer’s expectations fully.

Names are important

Names matter a lot and hence it is necessary to know the correct pronunciation well in advance. The speakers you need to introduce may be using a middle name or an abbreviation of their initials and it is important as a party host in Mumbai to be aware of it. Write down the names and practice them aloud beforehand so they can roll of your tongue with ease when the time comes to announce them.

Titles are important too

You may have to announce and introduce various dignitaries and officials during the course of the event. Please follow the right order and protocol that needs to be followed. If you do not know how to do it, find someone who knows and follow it to the T. Connect to a business writing professional to get proper titles and salutations as this matters a lot and will avoid embarrassing moments for you and the organizer.

Time Management has to perfect

Time is the key for the success of the event and you cannot allow the speakers or performers to run the show without an eye on the clock. The program has to be divided into different sections and a specific time frame has to be allotted to the important areas. Prepare for emergencies, late arrival of dignitaries or the occasional longwinded speeches by building in extra time as this will ensure your program begins and ends on time, without any major hiccups.

Stage Management is an art

Most experience emcees vouch for the fact that the stage should never be empty and this plays a crucial role for emcees. When the emcee introduces a speaker, he should wait for the speaker to reach the stage before stepping out of focus. Greet them onstage or clap for them as they reach Centre stage if the situation is appropriate to ensure there is no visible gap.


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