Chaos to Calm- The perfect path to steer clear of fear

When you are overwhelmed, it paralyses your mind and brain and impairs your
thought process to no end. It can result in inactivity and has a negative effect on your
productivity, creativity and energy. Since it saps the person of every ounce of
energy, it is necessary to boost energy levels and bring him back to a feeling of
Gaston Dsouza has been compering in Mumbai at events and social programs and
is a path-breaking trainer for many corporate sessions. He encourages the use
and implementation of the following key strategies to stabilize yourself during such
1. Embrace the truth: It is important to admit the fact that you are overwhelmed
and overstretched as acknowledgement is the best way to face the situation.
Unless you accept that it’s broke, it is difficult to mend it, right? If you can
accept fear and stress, you will be able to lead the way to recovery. Accepting
that you feel overwhelmed is indeed the first step on the path of Chaos to
2. Face it to Erase it: Fear is one of the most common factors that make us feel
overwhelmed. This fear could be the fear of the unknown, fear of getting
embarrassed or the fear of failure. By facing your strongest fears, it is possible
to face them, though it requires a lot of courage. Remember that monster who
you thought hid under your bed during your childhood years? It vanished the
day you had the courage to peek under the bed and check if it actually
existed, didn’t it?
3. Change the way you feel: Your energy is a product of the way you feel and
hence it is necessary to alter the way you perceive a negative situation. When
you eat healthily, exercise regularly and recharge your body & soul at regular
intervals, your productivity will soar and you will find yourself in a good mood
most of the time. It is indeed difficult to feel anxious when you feel powerful. In
order to conquer the sense of being overwhelmed, reframe what’s
overwhelming you.
4. Take action now: As the saying goes “ The journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single step”. The most important thing here is to take that first
step. By not doing so, you are only delaying the inevitable as procrastination
will never be able to stand up to action. When you take the first step and the
next and the next, you create momentum and it is then possible to overcome
the hurdles that you were unable to earlier.
5. Delegate to the right person: You should always remember that you are not
responsible for other people, you are responsible for them. This is extremely
important to overcome your feelings of anxiety. Focus on your strengths and
every other task which you feel you do poorly should be a delegate. Here too,
delegating tasks to the right person is important as assigning a task to the
wrong person may work adversely for you. If you are a planner, take up that

responsibility first and delegate other important tasks to those who will do
them well. When you feel drained and overwhelmed, pump up your energy
levels by delegating tasks that make you feel that way.
You could be a public speaker or a master of ceremony or a corporate trainer who
may face these problems. But as we have seen that nothing is insurmountable and
with the help of the above practical steps it is possible to scale the most difficult of
problems with ease and confidence.


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