Five Sure-fire ways to Brand Yourself

When we hear the word “Brand”, we often connect it to a product or a service, don’t we?
Well, we overlook the fact that we ourselves can be a brand in our own respect, provided we
manage our personal branding in a professional way. When you do this, others remember
and associate you with a particular set of attributes and values that you wish to convey.
Gaston Dsouza, leading training specialist and a master at compering is a prime example of
how he has build the brand “Gaston Dsouza” over the years. Of course, this needs at lot of
focus and dedication but it can reap tremendous rewards in your personal as well as
professional sphere.

Let us discuss a few methods of branding yourself successfully:

1. Through Brand Definition:

An individual’s brand is often defined by what others say
he or she is. Do you know who you are? Do you understand your strengths and
weaknesses completely? If you want people to take you seriously as a brand,
present yourself in a manner so they remember you for it.

2. Through Goal Creation:

Setting your brand goals is of prime importance. If your
brand goals aren’t set before hand, the image you want to create will remain a
superficial one. Your brand should possess the values you want to showcase as an
individual to enhance your personal relationships and career.

3. By looking the part:

Your external look matters as much when it comes to branding
yourself. The way we look conveys a lot about us and what brand values we
possess. Check yourself out in the mirror and be open about the impression you
make about yourself. Do you like what you see? What are the external changes in
terms of clothes, haircut or a unique accessory, that you can make to enhance your

4. By sounding right:

Do you know what kind of impression you make on others when
you speak? It is important to ensure that your verbal communication represents your
brand values. Doesn’t it sound strange when you receive official emails in casual
language or even worse, SMS lingo? It sends an impression that the sender isn’t a
professional or doesn’t take his communication seriously. Review your
communication and check if it matches the brand values you want to project.

5. By acting the part:

Our behaviour plays a critical role in determining the kind of
impression we have on others. You know that actions always speak louder than
words and the world is impressed with good external behaviours.

As a popular master of ceremony, Gaston Dsouza implements these methods to keep his
brand value flying high. So go ahead and use these easy-to-follow methods and give your
personal brand a much-needed boost.


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