Here’s How Executive Coaching can have an Impact on Your Career

The term Executive Coaching is often confused with training. With executive coaching, it is
possible to enhance the performance of your business and ensure the professional growth of
your employees too. Leaders often find it difficult to consult others about their problems and
are keen to find a solution to them at the earliest. This is where executive coaching can step
in and help leaders to bring about changes from within.
As a path-breaking corporate trainer and Emcee in India, Gaston Dsouza has helped many
teams to move from mediocrity to high-performance by motivating them to achieve the
organizational goal. Unlike training, coaching is focused on a two-way discussion which
helps in creating opportunities for learning through the Q&A method.
Direct benefits of Executive Coaching
1. Coaching enhances leadership potential and provides a boost to self-esteem
2. It lays the basis towards becoming a motivational leader and create a loyal team
3. The basic tenets of emotional intelligence like self-awareness, rapport building, self-
management and empathy for self and others can be developed.
4. It helps improve networking skills and create a better impression on stakeholders.
5. Lays the foundation for a better work-life balance
6. Provides inputs to upgrade interpersonal skills which helps in solving complex issues
7. It helps to coach teams for developing core professional skills
8. Coaching gives inputs about how to conduct crucial discussions during performance
9. It helps in developing a team that is focused on growth and shares similar values
towards achieving organizational goals.
In this fast-moving technology-based business environment, top executives are interested in
enhancing their own learning and are keen in developing leadership skills that can help in
bringing about a change in the organization’s working culture too. Gaston Dsouza, a
powerful trainer and master of ceremonies believes that Coaching proves to be a powerful
and highly effective tool in helping executives achieve this.


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