Homework you should do after deciding to hire a wedding planner

With the wedding date approaching close, you may have scoured through many wedding
planner within your knowledge, shortlisted a few and probably even finalised the best. If you
think your responsibility ends here, you are mistaken. You need to be aware of the basics of
event planning yourself or you could end up an unsatisfied soul.
Things, like hiring the caterer or booking the dates of the best Emcee in India, can be done
but it is always convenient to hire a wedding planner who can shoulder the entire
responsibility. However, make sure you check out the following basics you need to follow
after the hiring part is over:
Strive for clear and transparent communication: This is the primary step you should take.
Arrange for a detailed meeting with the planner and discuss everything under the moon, right
from your expectations, the budget, your idea of an ideal wedding, the works. Do not
hesitate to voice your concerns as later may be too late. Keep a watch on the reactions your
planner may have to your concerns and if they try to skirt the issue, then look for other
Hire a professional wedding planner: It often becomes tempting to hand over the job to a
family member or a friend who has just set up shop. There is a possibility of things getting
heated up and frank, open conversations may not be possible if you have an existing
relationship with the person. This could lead to the relationship getting into an awkward
zone, especially when the wedding planner is unable to deliver as desired.
Share a lower budget than you actually plan to spend: The entire planning of a wedding
can prove to be quite stressful and you do not want to worsen the situation by burning a
huge hole in your pocket. Keep a substantial margin in hand while sharing the wedding
budget with the planner as you will have to consider many unforeseen expenses. Also, you
may decide to splurge on some things at the spur of the moment so keep a suitable margin
for comfort.
Ensure exclusivity: It is important to make sure that your wedding planner does not repeat
the same décor he has used at a wedding in another part of the town. Wedding planners
tend to do this when they are faced with back-to-back assignments. This needs fewer efforts
and saves them (not you) a lot of money. You are going to pay them a tidy sum so why
would you want your wedding to look like a factory output?
Hiring a wedding planner or master of ceremonies or even the caterer will need a bit of
planning from your end too. After all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime affair, isn’t it?


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