How to use Performance Management to motivate your employees

Your business plan is now in place, your core values have been crystallized and your
short-term and long-term goals too are defined. It is now time to devise a plan can be
shared with your employees for monitoring and rewarding employee performance. If
you think this is easy, you need to think again. It isn’t easy to manage employee
performance simply because you have employed quality individuals to work in your
Gaston Dsouza, a powerful corporate trainer and master of ceremony, warns
businesses against getting complacent and not securing performance management
systems in place. When the right performance management system is set up, it
becomes easy to motivate and compensate employees accordingly.
Here are a few strategies to utilize PM for rewarding employees for their work and
boosting their morale at the workplace:
Employee Motivation: Lack of success leads to dropping of employee
morale and motivation. This situation is generally created when employees
keep doing the same thing over and over again and struggle to come out of
the rut. Many organizations are implementing employee support systems so
that they run it parallel to their performance management systems. These
support systems help employees to solve problems and queries before they
snowball into larger issues. Employees can address job-related issues
through feedback received from peers and colleagues.
Encourage employee feedback: Employers often do not allow their
employees to provide feedback which sends them the message that their
opinion isn’t valued. When employees are allowed to share their ideas and
thoughts, it can make them feel left out as team members. It could so happen
that employees would understand certain issues better since they have their
ear to the ground.
Using Technology: There were times when performance reviews were
carried out annually. However, with the advent of cutting-edge technology, it is
now possible to convey data immediately, which has eliminated the need of
year-end reports and reviews. Through the use of cloud computing,
employees can provide information online while managers can give quick
feedback in real time. Technology ensures that it is no longer necessary to
wait until the end of the year which ensures that all issues are solved before
they assume large proportions.
Data, directions and discussions: Great performance management has
three needs, viz. Data, Directions and discussions. Employee expectations
have to be clearly defined while data and records have to be maintained well
and discussed with the employees at regular intervals. It is also important to
tell them where things are going well and where improvement is necessary.

Even the most efficient and experienced master of ceremonies needs motivation
from time to time. Your employees need motivation too and when coupled with
Performance Management, it can work wonders in boosting their morale.


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