How to use the “Power of Pause” during Public Speaking

One of the effective methods of increasing interest and raising the impact of your speech or presentation is to use pauses and periodic silence to great effect. This is a proven method and neuroscience has backed it with sufficient evidence too.  

Many a party anchor in Mumbai effectively implement this powerful but oft-neglected method of “pausing for effect” to turn into a great tool. Just as the speaker himself needs a bit of a breather between lengthy speeches, similarly the audience too needs one and that is when the pause comes in handy. Without a tiny little pause in between, your speech may sound like an unending barrage of meaningless words.

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Let us explore why pauses are useful and how to use it effectively during public speaking. 

Helps separating the important sections

Your listeners are constantly being peppered with information. It is necessary to help them split it into important or relevant information and pauses do that quite effectively. Since listeners can hold only so much information, a pause will help them to filter it and digest it well.

Allows details to sink in

A speaker is inadvertently fast and quick at the start of the session and this may cause him to speak fast and zip through sections. During this period, the audience might find it difficult to understand concepts. A pause can become a valuable friend in such situations and help the audience to absorb the important points.

Helps listeners to remain focused

The importance of the pause is immense, especially from the audience’s perspective, who could lose focus after concentrating hard. The audience will enjoy the session more when they are engaged and informed in a positive manner.

Gaston Dsouza, a leading event host in Mumbai and corporate trainer, uses many such techniques to ensure the audience remains connected throughout the entire session.


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