Key tips to becoming a great Emcee

Events that include the presence of a large audience needs someone who can guide the proceedings and can infuse enthusiasm and an element of fun. An Emcee or MC or Master of Ceremonies is an important element whether it is an annual day of a corporate or a high profile wedding. However, the path to becoming a competent Emcee is not an easy one and needs a lot of practice and effort to succeed at the highest level.

Counted as a top-ranking Emcee in Mumbai, Gaston Dsouza employs various tips and techniques to make every event an interesting one. Let us understand more about them in the course of this article.

Avoid beginning with a joke

Making a rousing start to an event is the dream of every emcee and what better way to initiate laughter than to use a funny anecdote or a joke. However, there is a massive possibility of the joke falling flat as the joke may not make a connection with the audience or may lack the context. Also, unless you are a seasoned comedian, it may be difficult to carry off one so it is best avoided. But that doesn’t stop you from being funny so feel free to keep your conversation laced with subtle humour which will keep the audience interested and in good humour. Remember, spontaneous humour always works so the more you interact with the crowd, the better opportunity you will be presented with, so keep looking. Being relaxed helps a lot in identifying opportunities that you can latch on to.

Do not lower audience expectations

You would have surely come across emcees who begin with statements where they almost apologize for being on stage and make it obvious for the audience that he is nervous being there. This effectively prepares the audience for a below-par performance and clearly asks for sympathy. All this at the start of their interaction and the audience resigns itself to a dull session, something it doesn’t deserve since they have chosen to be there, hoping for a good time. As an emcee, you should give it every bit of effort by practising for whatever time that is available and generally giving it your best shot. Once the audience recognizes this effort, be assured you will reap the rewards.

Avoid reading from a prepared script

Many emcees prepare a script themselves or get them written by a script writer that helps them get through the event. A prepared script instantly signals to the audience that the words are synthetic and do not come from your heart. Every professional emcee in India will vouch for the fact a script does not allow constant eye-contact with the audience and makes it difficult for them to connect to you.


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