Make memorable presentations without using PowerPoint

Every one of us has attended training sessions and seminars, both the interesting and boring variety. There are many trade shows, seminars, training programs and internal meetings that go on and on with the support of PowerPoint. It does become tedious when one has to endure hundreds of slides in a monotonous manner with little support from the speaker. Imagine attending a seminar, where speaker after speaker uses PowerPoint populated with dozens of bullets, confusing charts and a huge variety of fonts adorning the slides.

Gaston Dsouza, an impactful corporate trainer and compere in Mumbai, says it is time to look for different alternatives for the tried-and-tested presentation options to add a refreshing flavour for the audience.

Watching a single person talk about a specific topic can be boring, but pit two experts against each other and the excitement and fun instantly doubles. Lay down some standard guidelines to ensure there is a constant exchange of ideas and the debaters remain true to the format.

By using a few pre-determined questions, set the debate rolling while allowing the audience to participate in the questioning too to make it interactive. The unscripted nature of the debate is where the beauty of this format lies and make it unpredictable, keeping the audience engaged through out.

If a debate sounds difficult to handle, try the panel discussion using 3-4 speakers. This allows a variety of opinions to be established with different perspectives and is a wonderful way to get the audience involved. Remember, an involved audience is a happy audience.

The presence of a facilitator like Gaston Dsouza who is also a leading master of ceremony in Mumbai, can help keeping the discussion on track with the right combination of fun and learning. Use these options to add some spice to boring presentations and seminars.


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