Maximise Your Training Impact through these Training Tips

It is often thought that the impact of a training session depends entirely on the personality of
the trainer. While this is true to a certain extent, there are many other things that can affect
the final outcome of the training session. Every trainer can implement a few simple yet
impactful things to further enhance their training and ensure it give long-lasting benefits.
Leading Corporate Trainer and Emcee in India, Gaston Dsouza, believes that the
implementation of the following five principles will make your training more effective than
ever before:
Simplify it
Latest surveys have shown that people who focus on more than 3-4 goals at the same time,
are more likely to fail than those who work on a single goal. Provide your audience with a
few simple and clear objectives during the training. This will help them to apply the training
concepts in a more successful manner.
Avoid information overload
Many trainers make the mistake of providing loads of information to their trainees which can
often leave them distracted and confused. Most successful trainers teach the basics of a
particular concepts thoroughly and then encourage them to practice all that they have
learned. It is the implementation of the concepts that holds the key to successful training.
Use pre-work effectively
Successful trainers begin their training before their audience actually arrives in the
classroom by providing them with some basic information. This helps the trainer to focus
more on its application than actual teaching. The audience not only understands the
concepts better but is more likely to apply the information in their daily personal and
professional life.
As a leading training consultant and master of ceremonies, Gaston Dsouza facilitates lively
discussions and exchange of ideas between participants. In this manner, they talk and
discuss about the concept and ideas, thus learning about it along the way.


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