Planning for a destination wedding? Read this first.

The initial excitement of planning your wedding at a beautiful location soon gives way to the enormity of realising how much needs to be done to actually make it happen. Right from the list of guests to be invited to selecting the perfect location, planning a destination wedding involves dozens of decisions that are waiting to be taken.

On one hand, important decisions like selecting the perfect master of ceremony or planning for the décor are a part of the entire package, you are responsible for many other. Considering the enormity of the situation, it is best to consider the following pros and cons before taking the final decision:

Pros of a destination wedding

The focus is on the couple:

When you opt for a destination wedding, it allows you to spend a lot of time with your partner-to-be as compared to one in your own city. Wedding rituals are easily extended for more than a couple of days and that too in the exclusive company of your closest relatives and friends.

Fewer guests, lesser headaches:

A destination wedding has a far more relaxed and fun atmosphere and can prove to be a wedding that is more intimate with lesser people. Since there are no obligated guests to take care of, there is a certain closeness and a vibe that isn’t possible otherwise. Fewer guests lead to lesser expenses and you can splurge on other important things (read extended honeymoon)

The costs are much lower:

Destination wedding locations offer amazing, all-inclusive packages at unbelievable costs which are much lower as compared to the wedding you plan in your home town. Food, stay, decorations and travel are offered as a combined package and you can really negotiate to fit it into your budget.

Cons of a destination wedding

Smaller attendance:

When you are planning a destination wedding, you will need your guests to fly in for a minimum of 4 to 5 days and this could prove to be a problem for some. Getting a leave may be difficult for your closest friends and relatives and you could be in for some disappointment. Not having your gang during your special moments may put a dampener on the festivities.

Less knowledge about the destination:

There is a slight possibility of not getting what is being promised when you opt for a destination wedding in a foreign land. You may not be aware of the local conditions there or the hotel’s capability to deliver the goods. Choosing a destination from photographs may not be the right idea.

Gaston Dsouza, a leading Emcee in India and corporate trainer, has been a part of many such destination weddings and recommends going over the pros and cons before arriving at a final decision.


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