Practical Methods of connecting to the Audience by speaking their Language

While speaking to any audience, it is necessary to be able to connect to it in order to succeed at making the right kind of impact and getting your message across. There will be instances where though you are speaking English to an audience that speaks and understand it, you could be speaking an entirely different language. Speaking the language your audience can relate to and understand will take time and effort but it will surely be worth it.

As a leading Party host in Mumbai and a powerful corporate trainer, Gaston Dsouza grabs the audience’s attention by speaking their language and putting his message across effectively.
Here are a few pointers that will help you to do that too:

Understand your Audience

Before deciding on the content of your speech, understand and analyze the audience. Your audience could be a small group from the same department or a large group from different walks of life. You could do well to understand their background, their line of work and if they are diverse, what are the factors that divide them. You could tone done the use of technical jargon or acronyms if you find that the audience may not easily understand it or explain it to them if necessary.

Keep Jargon at bay

Your audience may not grasp the actually essence of your speech if you use technical or flowery language throughout. Using jargon will alienate the audience as heavy words that no one understands are bound to clutter and cloud your actual message. Using simpler and clearer terms in your language will endear you to the audience as they would feel included instead of being alienated.

Explain acronyms and numbers

When you come across acronyms or short forms, be quick in explaining them to the audience or you stand the danger of losing their attention. Same holds true for complicated numbers and calculations as it can confuse the audience. In order to make sure the audience understands you completely, give a simple explanation of the acronym the first time you make use of it or the implications of numbers. We do not suggest doing away with numbers or acronyms entirely, instead explaining them to the audience should do the trick.

Use expressions carefully

The use of quotations and expressions has to be done carefully. Using the right word and expression in front of the right audience is the key to making them feel included. Certain political quotes, religious scriptures or quotes specific to communities have to be used carefully especially if you are an Event host in Mumbai. Use the right expressions and phrases after studying the audience and their profiles. This will avoid any kind of confusion and the audience won’t feel excluded which is the last thing you want while addressing them.

Once you have mastered these simple yet effective techniques of speaking the audience’s language, the impact you have on crowd will be multiplied and its payoff will be quite significant


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