Practical ways to motivate your team to excel themselves at their job

Every individual, whether he or she is part of a small team or a large one, need to be
encouraged to better while working with an organization. Imagine the morale of a sales team
that faces rejection as a part of their job as they are resigned to hearing “no” more often than
Gaston Dsouza, renowned trainer and master of ceremony, observes “Commissions and
financial incentives can play their own role but certain simple yet effective steps can have a
more powerful effect.
The following time-tested methods can push your team towards achieving their goals:
Find out what praise means to your people: Of course, praise for a job well done
is most welcome, but you should also know the medium that will boost their self-
esteem. The team could love a public demonstration or a small letter of appreciation
could do the trick.
Offer challenging and transparent targets: To keep your team motivated and in a
positive mood, give them targets that are real yet challenging. Keep targets as
transparent as possible so that they can monitor their own progress and keep
themselves motivated.
Initiate Skill sharing sessions: Your team could be losing out on untapped
resources if your organization does not share the vast knowledge it inherently
possesses. By nurturing a sharing culture, it becomes easier to solve problems and
build strong bonds with seniors and peers.
Speak to them on a regular basis: This isn’t rocket science but it isn’t actually
practiced regularly either. Try to chat them up whenever it is possible, get to
understand them, their work styles and their personalities. This will build trust and
help you to connect with them in a better way.
Leading corporate trainer and master of ceremonies, Gaston Dsouza, also recommends
team bonding sessions for wider team success and greater employee recognition.


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