Six Proven Training Methods to Boost Employee Productivity

Training is responsible for boosting employee morale, their job performance and enhancing their productivity. It needs to be carried out on a regular basis to ensure its impact and effectiveness. The training has to be followed by a feedback session where the participants are able to convey their thoughts about the session in an open and fearless manner.

Gaston Dsouza, a recognized trainer and compere, has used training to boost employees’ job performance and productivity in the following ways:

  1. Motivate Fresh staff: By training new employees and on-boarding them in the right manner is key to their long term productivity as they begin their journey on the right foot with the right understanding of the business and job expectations. If their knowledge and skills are perfect, the employees are satisfied which leads to better productivity.
  2. Give a boost to latent skills: It is very important to retrain employees on their existing skills as this helps to enhance existing talent available. It prevents basic errors that creep in inadvertently thus improving productivity while making menial tasks interesting. Anyway, it is always less expensive to train current staff than hire a new set.
  3. Teach fresh skills to Employees: Employees feel a new sense of purpose when they learn new skills and gives them the confidence that the organization is keen to help them evolve and offer growth opportunities. Employees are eager to prove themselves with this new set of skills and this challenges enhances productivity considerably.
  4. Push Confidence levels: When employees learn and maintain existing skills, it boosts their confidence and their enthusiasm skyrockets too. With a better sense of value and purpose, increased productivity isn’t far and this is infectious and easily spreads amongst other employees.
  5. Maintain a performance-based culture: Having a culture that supports performance inspires employees to reach their goals which seem manageable. If your organization has a clearly laid out path to success, employees are aware of their goals and they strive to achieve it in an optimal way.
  6. Promote Employee Satisfaction: A productive workplace needs satisfied employees to help them perform their duties to the maximum. Training provides essential skills and knowledge and is a critical step to help employees to give their best. A satisfied employee is a productive employee and vice versa.

Corporate trainer and leading emcee in India Gaston Dsouza says “It is clear that productivity is a vital cog in the growth wheel of modern organization and remains one of the most critical goals for them”. Organizations can put processes and systems in place and use incentives to motivate employees and enhance productivity, but it is firmly established that well-designed, quality training is the key to improving productivity on a daily basis.


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