Thanking Employees- A Powerful way to Boost Employee Loyalty

Pick up any survey about job satisfaction and it is often found that employees intend to search for new jobs primarily because they feel unappreciated. Encouragement and appreciation are the best ways of developing what is best in an individual. Unfortunately, we never almost stop to thank people who have helped us along the way and have smoothened the path that leads to success

During his training sessions, Gaston Dsouza, corporate trainer, and master of ceremonies, never fails to encourage thanking fellow workers and peers. Acknowledgment is important and one should always appreciate those around us. Check out the following trusted methods of thanking others:

Set time aside for saying thanks when it is least expected.

Most employees know that leaders and bosses will give thanks and appreciate work done after something significant has been achieved. However, what they do not expect is Thanks” given at unexpected intervals. It is all about creating a different experience for employees and giving meaningful thanks for small, yet effective things they have done. When this is done consistently, loyalty rises, results improve and lives are impacted in powerful ways that one cannot imagine.

It is important to be meaningful than being monetary

Most leaders feel that it is ideal to give a monetary reward or a bonus that involves money in order to show appreciation towards people. While thanks in a monetary way are the norm, people are hungry for appreciation and want to feel noticed. Write a personal note, buy a thank-you card or call that person to show that you appreciate all that he or she has done. A personal meeting to simply say “Thanks” is the best way though. Gaston Dsouza, an amazing master of ceremony and trainer-par-excellence says “ So who should you reach out to and thank today’?


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