The Importance of Employee Motivation in a Modern workplace

One of the most critical aspects at the workplace that has a tremendous impact on the
organizational performance is employee motivation. It plays a vital role in keeping the wheels
of an organization lubricated enough to push it in a forward direction. Employee motivation
has to be done on a regular basis as a routine in order to succeed and give positive results.
Leading corporate trainer and master of ceremonies, Gaston Dsouza, laments the fact that
despite this obvious observation, many companies choose to ignore the importance to
keeping their employees motivated. Having disengaged employees with low motivation can
have a negative impact on organizational growth and revenue.
Why is motivation important?
Employee motivation is important for several reasons. With a motivated workforce, the
management can aspire to reach its organizational goals. This may seem like a distant
dream if employees do not like their jobs and wish to be in any other place than at the office.
Higher levels of output can be easily expected out of motivated employees thus leading to
increased productivity.
If employees are not motivated enough at work, they may use their time at their desks
surfing the internet or applying for jobs online. This is an absolute waste of time, resources
and money and is multiplied as the number of demotivated employees increase. To keep the
morale of the employees high, organizations should create and implement different methods
of motivational techniques.
Benefits of Motivated employees
 Motivation enhances employee commitment as they will usually put their best step
forward when they are assigned tasks.
 It also improves employee satisfaction towards their job and this can go a long way in
retaining the employee for an extended period of time.
 An employee efficiency does not depend on their qualifications or their ability to carry
out a certain task. It is dependent on his willingness to do it consistently over a period
of time. When this balance is achieved, it can lead to increased productivity and an
overall improvement in efficiency.
 When properly motivated, employees can reach their personal and professional
goals and this helps in their growth as individuals. When the link between effort and
result is established, they are further motivated to keep working at a heightened

Ways to increase Employee Motivation
Create a positive workplace environment: An employees lack of motivation can stem from
the fact that their workplace isn’t a positive place to be in. This issue can be solved by
sending out surveys and collecting feedback from employees about the problems they face
around the work area. Adding cheerful colours, a couple of potted plants and some
interesting quotes or posters can to creating a positive work environment.
Acknowledge individual contributions: When employees are aware of the positive impact
their contributions, big or small, are making towards organisational growth, they are more
likely to be engaged in their work. Therefore management should make sure that notable
contributions are made known to employees to show them how the company is benefiting
from it. A simple “Great work” or a thank you note can often do the trick. By acknowledging
effort, it is possible to build loyalty and encourage the staff to give their best at work.
Communicate well: Having positive communication through channels like email or letters
may work, but nothing beats speaking to the person in a face-to-face meeting. If that isn’t
possible, you can also call the employee over phone and chat informally. Gaston Dsouza,
Motivational speaker and Emcee in India, recommends joining employees at coffee breaks
and having an informal talk, as this sends the message that the boss is a leader and a
human being like others.


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