Things to do to begin a career as a Corporate trainer

So you think you have it in you to dazzle the corporate world with your knowledge and oratory skills as a trainer, and are ready to make your debut as a corporate trainer? Before you jump into this highly competitive world, ensure that you are equipped with all the essential skills to make a mark as a trainer/facilitator. If not, now is the time to fortify your armoury with a few weapons that can prove useful to make a great start.

Gaston Dsouza, who has been in the field of training and compering in Mumbai for a long time, says that becoming a corporate trainer has its own set of trials and the following cues can help you make an impressive beginning:

What will your core offering as a trainer be?

As a trainer, you should decide on what your primary line of work or training vertical is going to be. If you can identify your core offering early during your career as a trainer, it will be helpful in presenting yourself to your audience as one and you can look for the relevant audience. If language is your strength, go ahead and make it your core expertise. Strengthen your knowledge and experience in this area and then move on to the next vertical you intend to focus on.

Have you certified yourself?

Getting oneself certified as a trainer is one of the initial steps every training entrepreneur should take as it equips the individual with generic training skills. All the essentials of becoming a great trainer are imparted during this certification and has to be a priority for all.

Are you ready to market yourself?

Finding work is challenging, for any entrepreneur, quotes Gaston Dsouza, an innovative trainer and emcee in Mumbai, . Especially if you are on your own, get ready to burn the proverbial midnight oil and connect to HR managers, training companies and the corporate world in general.


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