Use These Six Tips for Enhancing your Public Speaking Skills

Do you know that speaking in Public is the greatest fears of all times? It even surpasses the
fear of death which surprisingly comes at a low Number 7. Sweaty palms, dry throat and
shivering limbs are common accompaniments when one faces a crowd. Fortunately, there
are many practical ways to tackle this anxiety and be comfortable in front of an audience.
Gaston Dsouza has been in the spotlight for more than a decade, training corporate
employees and compering in Mumbai. Here are a few practical tips from him that will help
you to reduce your anxiety and help you in giving a dazzling performance on stage:
Being nervous is normal: If you feel physiological reactions like trembling hands
and pounding heart, you aren’t alone as these are normal signs of nervousness. Do
not think that you will make a fool of yourself or perform badly since you display
these signs. In fact, nerves can make you alert and can keep you on your toes
throughout the performance.
Prepare, Prepare & Prepare: If you want to overcome anxiety, the best way to do
this is to prepare thoroughly. Read your notes over and over till the time you become
comfortable. Record yourself in action or ask a friend to evaluate your performance.
Know more about the audience: Remember, this speech is more about the people
in front of you than about you. The message should be intended for them. When you
learn more about the audience, it becomes easier to choose your words and decide
about the level of information you choose to provide to them.
Organize yourself: Create a agenda for the time you are going to spend in front of
the audience. Write down your topic, the purpose of your speech, the central idea
and the main points of the speech. When your material is well-organized, you will
more confident. Also, grabbing the audience’s attention within the first 30 seconds is
the key to the success of the rest of the speech.
Be alert to audience feedback: Make sure you are looking for clues from the
audience about the effect your talk is having on them and use this feedback to do
better. Gauge the audience and tune your speech to suit their tastes. If you deliver a
standard speech, you will lose their attention and your listeners will quickly switch off.
Use Humour liberally: You can grab the audience’s attention and hold it for long if
you inject some solid humour or a funny anecdote about yourself. One of the primary
reasons for Gaston Dsouza’s popularity as an Emcee in Mumbai is the quality
humour he weaves seamlessly during his interaction with the audience.
The Microphone is on, Go for It!!


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