Why communication skills training is needed in the contemporary world

There is no field in the world today where communication skills don’t play an impactful role. Be it the corporate world, media or politics, communication is a crucial game-changer that is gaining momentum with the passing day. It is possible to master the art of communication and hone your skills through a reliable and resourceful coach.

Leading communication skills trainer and master of ceremonies, Gaston Dsouza has been instrumental in enhancing the art of communication for many corporate teams and individuals. Let us understand what are the main components of effective communication and how they can be leveraged to your advantage in your personal and professional life:

A good structure: The structured and systematic processing of thoughts that helps in sending across the right message to the listeners is the basis of effective communication. Technically speaking, it is necessary to have an opening, a body and a proper close to every conversation so that it becomes easy for people to understand your message.

Enough clarity: Make sure you are clear and concise with your communication if you want people to pay attention to you. You may be ignored if you do not do this and there are chances of being misunderstood too. Whether it is a person or a work-related conversation, both situations are best avoided. Miscommunication can lead to breaks in relationships and can prove to be costly mistakes when they happen in the corporate world

Being consistent: Communication is often carried out to build trust with the audience and it can prove to be a huge turn-off if your communication is inconsistent. You may be carrying out verbal or written communication with a single person or a group, but in both cases being consistent is the key to creating the trust factor. Through a consistent approach, building trust becomes an easy task that needs minimum efforts..

Being relevant: While communicating, you should always be relevant to the topic at hand or the audience could lose interest and the purpose of communication will be defeated. Understand the needs of the audience and cater to them if you want the audience to remain connected to you during the course of the discussion. It is important to strike a relevant chord and appeal to the interests of the listener in order to stay in sync with the audience’s needs.

Choosing the right medium: It is absolutely necessary to choose the right medium of communication with the audience and this will depend on the medium you are strong at and the profile of the audience too. Top corporate trainer, Gaston Dsouza, who is a leading emcee in India says, “If you write great emails, choose written communication and if you have strong verbal skills, do likewise”.



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