Why Effective Communication needs to be mastered to attain success

If you have been fortunate enough to have witnessed great orators like Barack Obama, Indira Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. in person or on television, you would have admired the wonderful oratory skills of these great speakers. These fantastic communicators had the skills to move and bring people together or galvanize them into action.

Speakers, parliamentarians, emcees or even the most popular event host in Mumbai will possess great communication skills. Apart from this, it is their ability to understand the audience’s pulse, know their needs and create an interesting story around it that makes them special.

So how does one identify what great communication is?

If you want to modify your own communication style, it is important to understand what great communication is and define it. So let’s elaborate it further:

Good listening ability:

It is not possible to communicate in a meaningful manner with the audience, if you do not listen well to your audience effectively. They may not find it relevant and interesting and the entire exercise will be a waste for you and for the audience as well.

Summarizing briefly:

After you have heard the other person, it is necessary to reflect for a moment and repeat what has been said. This will not only ensure that you have understood the meaning and hence there is no scope for misunderstanding.

Customize your talk:

Curating your speech to meet the profile of your audience is absolutely necessary. You should be able to address and match the communication style of your audience and a great communicator possesses the skills to do so. An audience full of women and children will need a different way of communication than that of an all-male audience.

Use of real and practical examples:

No one wants to listen to staid, boring information that generalizes. Instead, effective communicators use real life and practical examples to connect to
the audience as they can easily relate to these examples and feel as an integral part of the conversation.


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