4 Simple and Practical Methods of Boosting Employee Morale

As per a survey conducted by Gallup in the US, only 1 out of 3 employees confirm that they have received some kind of recognition for good work done in a work week. The survey also found out that unappreciated employees are twice likely to look for jobs in the next year. Leaders and managers do not often provide positive feedback and are often reserved in their opinion about work done by their employees. Giving positive feedback helps to improve motivation levels and merely hiring the best party anchor in Mumbai and throwing a grand bash isn’t merely enough.

The following ideas can prove to be quite handy for boosting employee morale so let us explore them:

Check with people what they are doing

Effective leaders always find ways to connect to their people and one method that is commonly used is going around the shop floor or office and asking people how they are. These conversations may be short but can have a long-lasting positive effect on people and boost their morale. Paying attention to people and giving them time is one way of appreciating them and letting them know that they matter. Leaders should always show that they care about their employee and their thoughts matter to them.

Give positive feedback

It is important to provide employees with positive feedback whenever they do a good job or do something beyond their regular responsibility. It is a simple yet touching way of reaching out to people. One can use a handwritten note or a well-drafted email to give feedback to the work they have done. Recognition is the highest form of appreciation after monetary rewards as employees feel their hard work is being rewarded.

Make feedback public

If one of your team members has earned praise, find possible ways of providing feedback through a public platform. Maybe a team meeting or a company get-together is being scheduled around that time, so you can use this opportunity to thank this employee for his or her contribution to the company. A kind word, a pat on the back and an honest compliment are wonderful morale boosters especially when they are done in public.

Give rewards in the form of opportunity

Try to understand what are the short term and long term goals of your team members in their personal and professional spheres. When any kind of opportunities arises around these areas, identify them and provide them to the concerned person. In this manner, it is possible to combine reward with the development of the employee which means a win-win situation for the company too.

Leading corporate trainer, motivator and Emcee in India, Gaston Dsouza, suggests a wholesome combination of all the above methods to boost employee morale and reap the benefits in terms of better productivity.


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