Become a Powerful Communicator by using these top methods

In this fast-paced world where targets and deadlines are a way of life for most of us, communication is a vital cog in the wheel that leads us to success. It is important to communicate effectively with our family, friends and workmates in order to ensure that the
day-to-day tasks are carried out without a hitch. This is especially critical when it comes to communicating while at work, with peers, subordinates and seniors.
Gaston Dsouza, a powerful communicator himself and an in-demand master of ceremonies lives by a few principles which are share below. These can be used to communicate with others in an efficient and effective manner.

Making Eye contact

Speak about communication and most of us relate it to verbal skills.
However, eye contact is an important part of communication and can tilt scales in your favour when used properly. Eye contact ensures that the opposite person feels connected and also shows confidence. This simple gesture brings the listener and the speaker closer and helps in bonding them.

Building relationships

Good communication basics talks about the building relationships and hence it is necessary to ensure that your language is all-inclusive. A simple good morning followed with a smile can bring people closer and helps in building rapport.

Speaking clearly

One of the basics of great communicators is the ability to speak clearly to ensure clarity. Speaking clearly and confidently helps you to create a strong impression on the listener and engages him. Have a natural and appealing tone in your voice and avoid putting on accents that could sound fake.


Check any powerful master of ceremony in action and you will realise that he/she will have excellent listening skills in place, in addition to a natural speaking talent. He will have a willing ear to the ground so he can respond accordingly. The above tips can help you to put yourself on a path to powerful communication.


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