How to become a vital factor in your team at work

When a group of individuals come together and create a cohesive unit that works towards achieving a common goal. Unless this is done, it may result in failure for the entire team. If a single team member fails to perform adequately or is unable to match the quality of others, the results can be affected. Every single contribution, action and reaction matter when you are in a team situation at the workplace.

Leading corporate trainer and master of ceremonies Gaston Dsouza opines that a team can become stronger if the team members handle themselves better. You could be a manager or a team member of a large group, it is your responsibility as well to work towards
building a successful team.

The following tips can help you to become an important and productive part of any team you
choose to:

  • Communicate in a clear and lucid manner as communication is the base for the success of any team. Having clear, concise lines of communication is extremely useful since it helps in keeping the team working without any major hiccups. Listening, paraphrasing and reflecting are a few key areas one should work upon to become an effective communicator.
  • Focus on your strengths. Your skills, abilities and strengths are the important assets you bring to your team and make sure you identify them and share them with your team. When the entire team focuses on its individual strengths, it can compensate on any existing weaknesses and thus eliminate them.
  • Just as you focus on strengths, it is important to focus on your weakness too. You can become a more valuable and stronger team member when you understand and identify your own weaknesses. It also helps you to work in those weaknesses and gaps and take the necessary actions to iron them out. You can get other team members to step in and manage areas that you are not confident about and this helps in eliminating the feeling of being threatened.
  • Delegate or share work whenever the need arises. Do not be afraid to do so since this will only help in tackling the work or task at hand in a more efficient manner. A highly functional team will always divide and distribute the workload instead of putting pressure on one or two team members to do all the work. This can be done on the basis of strengths and weaknesses of individual team members.

Just as any professional Emcee in India ensures that he carry out a great job at an event, he rarely tries to take away focus from the couple. Similarly, in an ideal team, no single member grabs the limelight and the focus is on the entire team.



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