How to train to become a memorable wedding emcee

The primary job of a wedding emcee is to ensure that the entire evening becomes an enjoyable and engaging one. Being an emcee at a wedding is indeed an honor, especially if a close friend or a relative requests you to become one and manage audience engagement that day. However, make sure you are up to the task as it is a huge responsibility and things should be under control once you take charge of the microphone.

Leading event anchor in Mumbai, Gaston Dsouza shares some valuable tips that one can use to brush up compering skills and light up that special evening:

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Get to know the couple

It is important to know the couple, understand their tastes, their likes and dislikes and their style so you can connect to them easily. Get to know the flow of the evening and how they want the evening to proceed. Also, ask about the important people in the family and their specialities which can be used to enhance your script for the night. There could also be certain areas or taboo topics which they would want to avoid and keep away from them to avoid an embarrassing moment on stage.

Understand the schedule and flow of events

It is always a good idea to clarify how the event is going to unfold. Generally, wedding receptions are packed with speeches, introductions, cake cutting, toast etc. but it is best to ask before the big day. This will help you build a script around the same. Make sure there is enough sprinkling of spontaneous comments and jokes so that the guests have a light-hearted evening.

Run through the emcee script a few times

After the first two steps, make sure you have reviewed the script a couple of times at least. This will help you to understand the flow in a better manner and you can even alter or replace the words that you find difficult to pronounce. This is a good way to ensure that your delivery is smooth. If you are a first-timer, browse the internet for a basic script which can be developed and curated as per your needs. Many hotels and event organizers provide a sample script too, so check that too.

Get your pronunciations right

If you want to make a mark as a compere in India, it is important that you get your pronunciations right, especially for names and surnames of close relatives. You don’t want to get the names of the bride/groom’s parent wrong on the big day, do you? There may be a few VIPs who may be attending the wedding and you may want to highlight their names so make sure you have them right. A little bit of research and some additional effort to get things right will ensure that you are able to manage your responsibility as an emcee with relative ease and comfort.

Speak to the other vendors too

A wedding ceremony and reception is all about a smooth, uninterrupted flow. If there is a wedding coordinator involved, get in touch with him at least a day prior to the D-Day and try to understand the program flow. However, in the absence of a coordinator, the bride and groom may look up to you for instructions so you will need to be on the top of things. The DJ, the banquet/catering manager and the photographer are a few people who will need to be in the loop.

These practical tips will be quite useful for a budding emcee during the initial phase of his/her career a wedding emcee. With experience, one can add different layers to the role and become a successful emcee.


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