Improve these important areas and enhance your life

We all want to live a better, fuller and a happier life, a life that makes us feel alive. Life can be quite challenging at certain junctures and one needs to tide over these difficult times. It is difficult to know where to focus and it needs a bit of guidance and support to put life back on track.

Leading corporate trainer and event host in Mumbai Gaston Dsouza conducts many motivational sessions and has narrowed down on six critical areas that everyone should pay attention to. They are as follows:

Financial health

Money and finances have a massive bearing on the quality of life that we lead. Abundance of financial resources ensures that we can have a larger home, an assured future and a relaxed frame of mind. In the absence of money, we are unable to carry out a lot of activities or plans that we would love to. Like businesses, individuals too should analyze the value their money is giving and keep a close watch on the returns their investments are paying. If your savings are employed at the right avenues, you can upgrade many other areas of your life too.

Fitness and Health

By focusing on health and well-being, it is possible to enhance the quality of work being done and generated good returns from the effort being put in. Maintain your health by engaging in a regular fitness regime and stick to a diet plan to give a boost to your health and immunity levels. If you are unwell for long time periods, it can have an effect on the quality of work you do and impact the returns that you expect from the same. One should take timely steps to keep health problems in check and prevent age-related issues that are likely to occur in the long run.

Emotional fitness

Along with the physical wellbeing of your body, the emotional fitness is an equally important factor in the overall maintenance of comfort and security. There will be many a factors that could be emotional draining for you and a few others that could energize or revitalize you as well. Make sure the latter factors in your life are higher in number to give your life a well-rounded look. You can improve your emotional well-being in many ways and this can prove to be a great investment in the long run. Speaking to a partner or a close friend will help you to process the negative emotions well and bring a balance to your emotional state. Being mindful of stress and learning to manage day-to-day stress is a key to gaining and maintaining emotional fitness.

Social well-being

We humans are social creatures and a lot depends on the way our social interactions with others happen, whether it is at the workplace or in a casual, social setting. Interactions are important for survival, the frequency and volume of which can differ from person to person. Being isolated or separated from people or social interactions can have a negative effect on your social well-being, a fact that high-flying executives tend to ignore. Friendships and casual social interactions are necessary and can play a meaningful role in our lives. Even romantic relationships are known to boost social well-being and promotes healthy relations. One should seek out social relationships that can be mutually beneficial to both the concerned parties.


Theatre artists, movie actors, any party host in Mumbai, you name it and creativity is an important part of our personal and professional lives. One should read books, watch plays, listen to music or cultivate a hobby that encourages creativity from within. By indulging in these activities, it is possible to maintain mental acuity and promote creativity.


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