Six Types of Corporate Events in India

The success (or failure) of any business is dependent on many factors, business strategy and sales being the foremost ones. In order to facilitate the smooth functioning of an organization, business owners often rely on extravagant dinners for vendors and clients, glittering product launches, employee engagement sessions etc. through the calendar year.

These events are a part of the event management initiatives taken by corporate houses and this is where they hire a professional event host in Mumbai to manage these shows for them. Let us explore various types of corporate events that are held.

Business conferences

This platform is used to discuss the latest developments and happenings of the industry, build brand awareness and promote networking. Companies from telecom, finance, marketing and finance often engage in these activities. Business networking dinners and get-togethers are often a part of these conferences and are highly popular.

Board Meetings & Shareholder’s meetings

Board meetings are events where an organization’s business leaders and corporate executives come together to discuss business reports. Performance of shares, critical business decisions and shareholder’s queries are discussed at Shareholder’s meetings. At either these events, the services of an emcee or event Management Company is required to ensure its smooth conduct.

Press Conferences

When corporate houses want to communicate important events or announce new products or clear a controversial topic, the best way to do it is to arrange for a press conference. An experienced emcee who has handled such critical events is the need of the hour here.

Trade Shows

There are many trade shows that take place during the entire year, each catering to different industries. Companies participate in these trade shows in order to showcase their products or services to the industry and to the general public. Event management experts are hired to ensure the trade shows run without any noticeable hiccups.

Award Functions

Corporate firms often come up with events like award ceremonies to encourage and appreciate the efforts of their employees. It is often made a glitzy affair with lots of fun events planned, all centered on boosting the morale and motivation of their employees.

Team Building Sessions

Corporates take their employees and their well-being quite seriously and team building exercises are a part of this initiative. Leading corporate trainers like Gaston Dsouza who is one of the leading party host in Mumbai are then engaged to conduct offsite or onsite team building sessions for their teams.


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