The Benefits of Learning Negotiation Skills

The word “Negotiation” sounds quite business-like and imposing, but did you know that we are engaged in negotiating situations all through our day-to-day life. We all negotiate situations, money and time. At work, we need to negotiate with our bosses, subordinates
and peers about work schedules, deadlines, holidays and even salaries while at home, we negotiate with our children about their pocket money, playtime and sometimes even about the television remote.

The skill of negotiation is an important one, especially at the work place, as master skills trainer and compere in Mumbai, Gaston Dsouza explains its value and role.It is also a critical skill for a leader to have and here are a few benefits of learning negotiations skills:

Having strong negotiation skills helps in creating win-win situations. Being an effective negotiator does not mean that you can easily beat the opposite person during a discussion.In fact, it allows one to create a win-win situation where both concerned parties go back satisfied and happy. It helps in holding work related discussions with the staff without causing much friction.

While one is on the path to leadership, confidence is a huge factor. Instead of worrying about the outcome of a commercial negotiation, imagine walking into a meeting room with an air of confidence and the assurance you can successfully tackle any situation that arises in there. In fact, the capability to showcase your thoughts and counter the opposite party can prove to be a deal breaker in most situations.

Have you seen a seasoned master of ceremonies interact with the audience and negotiate for their time and attention? By learning negotiation skills, you can save hours of haggling and solve disagreements at the workplace in a jiffy. This helps in moving forward without making any kind of permanent damage to business relationships.


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