Three simple and effective methods to boost your productivity at work

Quantifying work or measuring the effort one puts at work isn’t an easy task and hence it is difficult to understand one’s productivity levels after a day’s work. With the world going digital and the plethora of communication devices available, our attention span has suffered which has resulted in loss of productivity.

Gaston Dsouza, India’s leading corporate training profession and party anchor in Mumbai has a simple guide that is helpful in enhancing productivity at work.

Here is a snapshot of the same:

You can’t fulfil every wish

It is impossible to satisfy everyone and hence it is recommended not to attempt to do so as it is bound to result in a wasted effort. Unfortunately, technology was supposed to help us humans to tackle our tasks easily but it has distracted us to a large extent too. One should focus on the job at hand, completing it and then moving on the next one, it should help in enhancing productivity levels at work.

Define what productivity means to you

It is important to assess your current productivity levels before getting on to enhance it. Observe yourself, your habits and work methods to understand the current gaps. You can then prioritise work by working on the urgent/important matrix to get more work done in less time. You can easily create your own customized technique and incorporate it into your schedule to optimize productivity.

Keep the mental and physical health balance

Remember, your physical and mental health are closely connected to each other, so it is equally important to exercise your body as well as your mind to keep it active. Spend some time doing meditation, interact with friends and neighbours regularly, eat fresh fruits and
vegetables and remember to smile whenever possible. You may be the busiest event host in Mumbai but that does not give you the excuse to neglect your health, physically and mentally.

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