Top Three Trends of Corporate Training Programs

Employee training is seen as a serious and dedicated effort by most organizations. While most companies follow a standard set of training norms, there are various trends that make an impact on the decision makers in the higher echelons of the corporate world.

Being a leading corporate trainer in Mumbai and a much sought-after event host, Gaston Dsouza keeps tabs on the latest trends of corporate training programs. Here is a brief foray into this interesting arena:

Learner focused online training:

Online training has indeed caught everyone’s fancy, especially those who belong to the present generation and those who cannot spare time for a couple of days at a stretch. Online training may not have the trainer’s physical presence and the positivity he/she brings with it, but it makes up with zero-travel and flexibility of timing etc.

Video-based corporate training programs:

It is a proven fact that people are likely to recollect material presented in the video format than textual content. Video has a multisensory nature and this appeals to the youth. However, it is necessary to use a combination of presentation methods to enhance this experience. Brief videos accompanied by a detailed explanation by the trainer can work wonders in keeping the audience engaged. The enthusiasm of the trainer may not match that of a robust party anchor in Mumbai but should be enough to get the most out of the training session.

Personalized training/coaching:

There are many reputed training organizations in India that create and implement training programs that are tailored to address the individual needs of employees. Specific problem areas faced by employees at various levels are identified and solutions for the same are presented in the training/coaching format on a one to one basis. This helps in increasing their efficiency and help in giving their competencies a boost.


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