Why are Communication Skills mandatory for success in Professional Life?

In the past decade or so, the art of learning and mastering communication skills has gained a lot of importance and popularity. Job advertisements mention this skill specifically irrespective of the job profile and responsibility, as it is vital in the present business scenario.

Whether you are a student, a home maker, a working professional or a sought-after event anchor in Mumbai, the value of good verbal and non-verbal communication skills remains constant. Modern communication includes the effective use of phones, emails, chats and video conferencing, be it in one’s personal or professional life. Some people are natural born communicators while others need to develop and hone this skill in order to excel at communication at work or with friends and family.

The following are a few key reasons why we should focus on learning how to communicate powerfully in our everyday lives:

a. Improved chances of securing a job:

For increased job prospects, you should focus on polishing your communication skills and you will secure a job quicker than you think. Effective communicators are always in great demand and recruiters are always looking out for candidates who possess this often-neglected skill.

While you are in the process of applying for a job, you would need to write an email, draft a covering letter, speak to the HR and attend one or two rounds of interviews. All the above need verbal and written skills of decent levels and it helps to possess them to ace it and land yourself a job.

b. Better effectiveness at work and at home:

When you are equipped with good communication skills, you will be able to express yourself in a more impactful manner, whether you are speaking to your spouse, child or a work colleague. It enables you to get across your ideas and thoughts to a client in a more effective manner.

This will improve your overall efficiency, especially at work, and will minimize errors that creep in due to miscommunication and the resulting misunderstanding too. You are your team will then spend less time making changes and more time working in a constructive manner.

c. Advantage at career advancement

When you communication skills are in place, it is a breeze while communicating with peers, colleagues and seniors. Your employer will appreciate this fact and thus you have a better chance while advancing in your career. It gives you the confidence to speak your mind and present your ideas to clients or to the senior management. If you thought only a busy Emcee in India need good communication skills, think again. Your employer will notice the manner in which you speak and take note of your ideas and suggestions more openly.


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